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10/15/2013 - WEBINAR: Going Global

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Who doesn't want a piece of the $31 billion pie making up Minnesota's annual export business? No matter where you're at with going global, Ingrid Christensen will reveal two well-kept secrets to making your entrance into this lucrative arena much easier.
Ingrid Christensen, President, INGCO International
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09/12/2013 - Education and Workforce Development Policy Committee - September 12, 2013

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Allison Gage, President of Sophia, will demonstrate the platform, which includes K-12 learning and college readiness tools as well as innovative classroom resources.  We also continue discussion of updates to the 2014 Education Policy.

10/23/2013 - Minnesota Manufacturers Summit 2013

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Celebrate Minnesota manufacturers during Minnesota Manufacturers Week and preview what lies ahead for this important industry.
The manufacturing sector has traditionally been the backbone of Minnesota's economy, currently representing 13 percent of all private sector jobs in this state. Contributing $37 billion to Minnesota's economy, manufacturing has the second largest payroll of any business in the state.