Labor Mandates: Minnesota Needs You!

Labor Mandates: Minnesota Needs You!

A troubling new trend is emerging across Minnesota as cities are enacting their own workplace mandates. Minneapolis and St. Paul have passed ordinances scheduled to go into effect July 1 that require businesses to provide paid sick time. The specifics of the mandates are different in each city. In Duluth, a task force is studying the issue and scheduled to make its recommendation in November. It’s only a matter of time before the movement comes to a city near you.

Contact the Governor!

Minnesota has 853 cities and 87 counties. Can you imagine the administrative headaches for your company that has to comply with a patchwork of local mandates? Especially if the company has multiple locations. Do we want that many local employer mandates?

For example, you work for an employer that has two facilities – one in Minneapolis or St. Paul, and one in a nearby city. Today, employees move between the facilities easily as the workload demands. It’s a sort of built-in job security. Under new city mandates, though, employees would have to receive different benefits depending on the location where they work, making it more expensive and cumbersome to provide employees with flexibility. Differing local laws could have a direct impact on your paycheck.

Employers and employees are best served by consistent statewide laws governing wages, benefits, and scheduling. 

Help your Minnesota employer - contact the Governor and tell him to support uniform state labor standards.

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