Minnesotans’ opportunity to shape the 2019 political landscape begins in earnest with the primary election August 14. It’s critical that we elect those individuals who understand what it takes to grow Minnesota businesses and the overall economy, and who will advance those public policies at the Capitol. The general election is November 6.

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website is your "go to" source on elections and voting. Visit these links below for details:

Summer is a great chance to invite candidates – incumbents and challengers alike – to your worksite. Show and explain to them firsthand how the policies crafted at the State Capitol can have an impact on your daily business operations.

Communicate your company’s legislative priorities to your employees, and let them know where the candidates – incumbents and challengers – stand on the issues. Give employees the opportunity to meet face-to-face with candidates and quiz them on issues at the foundation of keeping and growing jobs in Minnesota.

Encourage employees to vote. Employees have a right to take time off to vote without losing pay, personal leave or vacation time.

The Minnesota Chamber’s 2018 Voting Record examines how incumbents align with our priorities. Each scored vote represents an issue integral to strengthening Minnesota’s position in the global economy. Review the report, and then connect with your legislators. Thank those who voted in favor of your priorities. For those who did not, begin a conversation about how their decisions impact the ability to own and operate a business here. Help them understand why – had they voted with the business community – our state would be stronger for the benefit of all Minnesotans.

The Minnesota Chamber’s Leadership Fund PAC endorsements offer insight into where all of the candidates – incumbents and challengers alike – stand on business priorities. The PAC Board uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements including candidate interviews, candidate questionnaires, leadership on key business issues and voting records. The Leadership Fund PAC has a strong record of identifying pro-business candidates and then getting them elected. In the 2014 elections, 85% of our PAC-endorsed House candidates won. In the 2016 election, 91% of the House candidates we endorsed won and 82% of endorsed Senate candidates won.