Environmental and Energy Resources

Environmental and Energy Resources
Environmental/Energy Resources
Waste Wise
MN Chamber of Commerce
The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. We provide environmental sustainability consulting to Minnesota businesses and organizations.

The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation offers a variety of services, including:

  • Environmental Sustainability Consulting
  • On-site Waste and Energy Visits
  • Waste Stream Analysis (Waste Sort)
  • Waste and Energy Utility Bill Analysis
  • Project Investment Analysis
  • Employee Training and Workshops

Energy Smart
MN Chamber of Commerce
Energy Smart helps Minnesota businesses and organizations identify cost-effective ways to lower their energy use and connects them with valuable financial incentives, such as utility rebates, grants and low-interest financing.

Energy Smart services are available at no cost to businesses or organizations in Minnesota. Energy Smart is a program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and works closely with the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. The program is funded through state-approved utility conservation programs, specifically Xcel Energy and Minnesota Power.

Environmental Guide for Small Businesses in Minnesota
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
A user-friendly guide to Minnesota's environmental regulations. The goal is to give you enough information to quickly determine whether your business is subject to a regulation and where to go for more help.
Minnesota Business First Stop
Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
Streamlines the development process for complex business startups, expansions or relocations that involve financing, licensing, permitting, and regulatory issues that overlap multiple state agencies.
MN Technical Assistance Program
University of MN (check location availability)
Helps Minnesota businesses develop and implement industry-tailored solutions that prevent pollution at the source, maximize efficient use of resources, and reduce energy use and costs to improve public health and the environment.
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
Provides small businesses with practical advice and tools to implement sustainable and environmentally business practices that go beyond compliance.
Small Business Environmental Improvement Loan Program
Provides low-interest loans to small businesses to finance environmental projects such as capital equipment upgrades that meet or exceed environmental regulations, and costs associated with the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites.