Workforce Development Assistance

Workforce Development Assistance
Workforce Development Assistance

MN Job Match
RealTime Talent & MN Chamber of Commerce
MN Job Match uses statistically validated questions to conduct sophisticated job matching to high quality talent, increasing the diversity and suitability of your candidate pools.


See All DEED WorkForce Center Locations
Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
There are nearly 50 WorkForce Centers statewide. Each provides essential tools to make your job search a success. Best of all, most services are free of charge.
Job Creation Fund
Provides financial incentives to new and expanding businesses that meet certain job creation and capital investment targets.

Business Development Specialists
Our consultants help companies with business expansion, relocation, permitting and regulatory questions.

Minnesota Apprenticeship Initiative
Department of Labor & Industry
Activities include outreach and recruitment, co-enrolled program intake, assessment, adult basic education where necessary, wrap-around support services, career guidance, life skills coaching and counseling, structured on-the-job training, competency based technical instruction and state-issued industry-recognized credentials.
Business Services
Minnesota State
Companies of all sizes in every region of the state depend on the Minnesota State system to prepare and maintain a qualified work force, increase employee productivity and support new business growth.
An Employer's Guide to Employment Law Issues in MN
Provides a broad overview of issues that commonly arise in the workplace.It should be used only as a guide and not as a definitive source to answer your legal questions.Published in collaboration with the law firm of Lindquist & Vennum LLP.
Starting a Business: What to Know
Department of Labor & Industry
There are many things to consider when starting a business. The following items explain some of the areas regulated by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.
Minnesota Business Skills Partnership
We work strategically with businesses and educational institutions to train or retrain workers, expand work opportunities, and keep high-quality jobs in the state.
SciTechsperience (Matching grants)
Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA)
SciTechsperience is the internship program that connects college students studying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines to paid internships in small to mid-sized Minnesota companies.


How to Hire a Veteran
Veterans are trainable and adaptable, have maturity and self-confidence and can work under pressure in a team environment. They accept authority and seek responsibility and advancement. They know how to communicate. And they get the job done right.

Career Events for Veterans
Find out about veteran-friendly job fairs, networking groups, and other events statewide.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to all businesses as an incentive to hire workers in certain groups.
Hiring Foreign Workers
Foreign labor certification and employer responsibilities when hiring foreign workers.

Hiring People with Disabilities
Workers with disabilities bring skills and add a valuable dimension to most any company.