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  • Making Minnesota the most inclusive state in the country

    Apr 12, 2023
    The business community plays a leadership role in fostering inclusive workplaces and supporting diverse communities. It extends beyond the corporate community and the Twin Cities, and the Minnesota Chamber Foundation is leading a statewide effort to assist businesses of all sizes and locations to achieve our goal of Minnesota being the most inclusive state in the country.
  • 6 ways to invest in productivity and upskill your current workforce

    Mar 23, 2023
    The gap between available jobs and available talent in Minnesota is growing. While Minnesota’s negative migration trends have widened this gap, the primary driving force is a reality we share with the rest of the country. An ageing population has caused the number of workers leaving the workforce to significantly outpace the number entering. 
  • Does your business need commercial umbrella insurance? | from Western National Insurance

    Mar 22, 2023
    Accidents happen, and the resulting damage, medical costs, and other costs could exceed your business’ insurance limits. Consider this scenario: one of your employees is driving to a job site, and they hit a car with multiple occupants who all get seriously injured. Your company could be held liable for the occupants’ medical costs, loss of wages, and additional costs – all of which could add up to a potentially devastating expense.
  • Grow Minnesota! winter quarterly 2023

    Mar 9, 2023
    The Grow Minnesota! program was founded in 2003 on a simple premise: chambers of commerce and economic development organizations can advance Minnesota’s economy by proactively connecting businesses to resources to grow and expand in the state. This has remained Grow Minnesota!’s core mission for nearly twenty years.