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  • Exports are vital to Minnesota’s economy

    Apr 18, 2022
    In 2021, Minnesota’s total exports reached a record value of $23.5 billion, recovering strongly after a steep decline in 2020. International markets play a key role in helping Minnesota expand its diverse industry base, from agriculture and natural resources to equipment and machinery to semiconductors and medical goods. 
  • Building partnerships to address the workforce shortage

    Apr 12, 2022
    The post-COVID economy has proven challenging for many Minnesota businesses. Supply chains disruptions, a workforce shortage and rising inflation create headwinds to growth. Minnesota Chamber member Trystar is no different. Trystar experienced increased demand for their products that resulted in challenges to find enough production assembly workers to meet the rapidly growing demand.
  • 3 tips to building a disability-inclusive workplace

    Mar 18, 2022
    More people with disabilities have a two-year degree and are looking for work than those without a disability. How can you include workers with disabilities in your workforce strategy? Recently, the Minnesota Chamber kicked off its Workforce Solutions series with a virtual event featuring strategies from experts how building an inclusive workplace can help your business meet your recruitment needs and provide meaningful, fulfilling employment.