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Minnsights Blog

  • 2021 Key Issues: Elections

    Jan 5, 2021
    The Minnesota Chamber supports changing Minnesota’s state election process to allow for greater voter contact and participation, and maintaining fair campaign finance laws for all participants.
  • 2021 Key Issues: Immigration

    Jan 5, 2021
    Minnesota businesses value the contributions of immigrants to the state. Their roles as workers, entrepreneurs, consumer and a link to the world economy are increasingly important to the development and growth of the economy and communities throughout Minnesota. Demographics show that as the population ages and the economy grows, Minnesota will not have the numbers of people available to fill labor needs, and immigrants are a key solution to this challenge. 
  • 2021 Key Issues: Energy and sustainability

    Jan 5, 2021
    Environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness do not need to be mutually exclusive. Minnesota energy providers and ratepayers have made significant investments to enhance energy systems – power generation, transmission and pipelines – and reduced harmful environments impacts at the same time. According to a recent study of businesses, 75% names reliability and affordability as the most important consideration of energy policy. Legislators must take steps to ensure affordable and reliable energy for businesses and oppose new mandates, fees and assessments that increase electricity prices.
  • 2021 Key Issues: Environment

    Jan 5, 2021
    Our members support sensible regulations that will allow Minnesota to maintain a clean environment and healthy business climate while fostering economic change and growth statewide.