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  • 2021 Leaders Lab profiles

    Sep 2, 2021
    Leaders Lab is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage Minnesota’s developing business leaders (approximately late 20s to 30s). It will enhance your personal and professional growth, connect you with business leaders statewide, and provide understanding into what drives Minnesota’s economy and how policy affects the success of business in our state. The program consists of four sessions two-day sessions. To learn more about Leaders Lab, click here. 
  • Navigating your business succession and transition planning

    Aug 19, 2021
    The August MN Supplier Match Roundtable helped businesses explore key issues around business succession and transition planning. Are you looking to better prepare your company for ownership transition now or in the future? Our succession and transition experts provided helpful hints in areas such as ESOP conversion, Cooperative (Co-op) business models, business valuation, family business succession plans and more.
  • Are PEPs the next frontier for employer retirement plans?

    Aug 5, 2021
    Offering your employees benefits makes you competitive. But providing benefits can be expensive and complicated to manage. Are you a small business trying find top talent? Is it a struggle to afford the benefits – like a 401K for employees – that candidates expect? The Minnesota Chamber and Securian Financial formed a strategic alliance to offer high-quality, affordable solutions to help you compete. Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) are retirement plans that bring down cost by allowing multiple employers to participate. These plans help streamline administration and allow for better investment access for smaller businesses that was previously only achievable for large-scale employers.