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Workforce Toolkit

Workforce Toolkit


Winona Area Chamber of Commerce
Membership: 550-600

Career Expo
 High School Sophomores
Opportunity for local employers to educate students about specific career paths they may pursue now and after graduation.

Resources: Annual Career Expo Video | Planning Outline | Business Flyer | Teacher Flyer | Best Practices | Wage Report

CEO & Business in the Classroom
Life After the Classroom
 8th and 11th grade
Provides local company executives the opportunity to educate 8th grade students in a classroom setting and share their personal business experience and journey. Life After High School is a presentation to High School Juniors/Seniors delivered by a CEO or executive level business professional. The objective is to inspire and equip students to actively prepare for stepping into work or college after high school graduation.
Resources: PowerPointStudent SurveyTeacher SurveyLife After the Classroom PowerPointCEO Training Video

Teacher in the Workplace
Audience: Middle & High School Instructors
Offers the opportunity to bring teachers and local businesses together to better align curriculum with industry standards.
Resources: Expectations | Video
| Teacher Application | Business Interest Form

School to work programs
Audience: High School
A program for at-risk high-school juniors with an immersive experience in work preparedness, improved academic outcomes and graduation rates, and apprenticeships with potential job placement. 
Resources: REACH website | REACH Flyer

Employment Guides and Publications
Hot Jobs Cool Companies
Audience: High School & College
A local manufacturing career guide to aide in researching of local companies, brochure & website mapping.
Resources: Video#1Video#2 | Video#3Video#4 | Video#5

Connect: Della Schmidt, 507.452.2272,