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Bushel Boy finds GROWING success with Energy Smart


Bushel Boy finds GROWING success
with Energy Smart

Located in Owatonna, Bushel Boy Farms is growing tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers year-round. Yes, right here in Minnesota! With 32 acres of indoor greenhouses, there is a blend of natural and mechanical lighting used to nurture plant health and fruit flavor. Bushel Boy Farms opted to upgrade from high-pressure sodium lamps at 840 watts per bulb to more efficient LED lamps.

Energy Smart was introduced to Bushel Boy Farms by Native Sustainability, a Minnesota based consulting firm specializing in developing programs and projects through the lens of sustainability. Upon completing the site assessment, Energy Smart concluded the facility operations team had already incorporated many tactics to optimize efficiency, though there was a missing link to recuperate financial incentives available for the work being completed. It was identified that phase I of the lighting upgrade had been completed but utility rebates were never recuperated to offset the upfront capital investment. Energy Smart was able to identify this gap in funding and connect Bushel Boy Farms to Owatonna Public Utilities commercial rebate program.  


Vice President of Operations, Nick Weber shared, “Working with Energy Smart has been very helpful to identify the availability of these rebate programs. We will use the rebate to offset our cost of this current project.  Now knowing there are significant rebates available, Bushel Boy Farms will use these again in the near future for additional capital lighting projects.” 


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