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Leading the business community

We believe there is strength in numbers. At the Minnesota Chamber, we build coalitions of various companies, organizations and industries to tackle specific issues facing the business community. From supporting the development of energy and transportation infrastructure, to addressing challenges for Minnesota manufacturers, to supporting immigration reforms, our coalitions ensure legislators hear a unified voice from the business community. 

United For Jobs Logo
United for Jobs is committed to reducing burdens on businesses, so all types and sizes of Minnesota companies can compete in the changing and global economy. The coalition represents more than 90 trade associations and local chambers of commerce and hundreds of individual businesses.
jobs for mn
The Minnesota Chamber and Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council jointly formed Jobs for Minnesotans. The coalition of business, labor and communities supports statewide opportunities for job creation from proposed copper-nickel mining projects in Minnesota. 
Manufacturers' Coalition
The Manufacturers' Coalition brings together a wide range of individual manufacturing associations across the state to speak with one voice on issues common to manufacturers, regardless of size or sector.

For more information on Minnesota Chamber coalitions, contact Jennifer Byers, vice president of grassroots and chamber relations, at 651.292.4673 or
Minnesota Transportation Coalition
The Minnesota Transportation Coalition is made up of employers and Minnesotans who build, maintain and rely on the state’s transportation system. The coalition stands ready to assist and support this work in any way we can. Their goal, on behalf of the business community, is to ensure reliable and efficient transportation, and sustain and strategic funding for transportation and other infrastructure. With relatively modest actions during the 2022 session, Minnesota can take significant steps to help secure the future of our state’s transportation infrastructure.

Minnesota Chamber Federation Partners

Legislators take notice when our 2,300 members speak in unison. Our advocacy is further bolstered by our 50-plus partners who are unified as the Minnesota Chamber Federation – local chambers of commerce that adopt and advocate for your top legislative priorities. With their support, we truly are the statewide voice of business.