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Energy Smart

During the COVID-19 crisis, Energy Smart is conducting on-site consultations while adhering to social distancing guidelines and the use of PPE. We are also offering the option of conducting virtual consultations with a follow up on site visit at a future time. Energy Smart is also accepting grant information requests and applications. For more information, contact Rob Friend at or 651.292.3915.


Energy Smart generates conservation, savings

Energy is increasingly a major operating expense at all types and sizes of businesses. Energy Smart helps you grow your bottom line by finding opportunities to reduce costs and guiding you through the steps to receive financial assistance.

Almost any worksite has plenty of low-hanging fruit such as scheduling for heating and cooling, tuning up existing systems, or reducing standby losses. In addition, our staff can analyze your past energy usage to identify trends, look for ways to reduce demand, improve power/load factors and determine if you are in the correct rate structure. Energy Smart can also help tackle more extensive projects such as compressed air improvements, LED lighting, HVAC and energy-efficient kitchen equipment. 

Our expert team works closely with utilities and the state to connect businesses with rebate programs and other cost-savings measures. See what we can do for you business by downloading our most recent annual report. 

Download the Energy Smart one-pager HERE.


Learn more about and apply for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program Application (BEEGP). The purpose of the BEEGP grant program is to motivate business owners to complete projects that would otherwise not get done. Applications for which a verbal or written commitment has already been made to complete the project will not be considered for this grant program.

On-Site Energy Consultation
Energy Smart staff will spend about one hour at your site reviewing energy use and helping to identify ways to reduce energy consumption. Following the visit, Energy Smart provides a report that lays out cost-effective strategies for saving energy, along with information about financial incentives available to you.
Phone Consultation
An Energy Smart staff member spends about an hour on the phone discussing energy use practices at your business or organization and asks questions about equipment and usage patterns. After the call, Energy Smart follows up with information about cost-effective strategies for reducing energy use and financial incentives available to you.
Utility Bill Analysis
A first step to assessing an organization’s energy-saving opportunities is understanding its energy use patterns. If you provide Energy Smart with 12 consecutive months of your facility’s electric and natural gas bills, Energy Smart can compile an analysis of energy use and provide information on how it stacks up to similar facility types.
Energy Benchmarking and Energy Star Rating
Knowing how your building compares with others regarding energy use is valuable information especially when deciding to make an energy related capital investment for your business. Energy Smart can help you through the benchmarking process. We also provide Energy Star building rating assistance through the Minnesota Energy Star Challenge.
Project Funding Assistance
Energy Smart can identify incentives and funding opportunities for your energy-efficiency projects including utility rebates, grants and low-interest loans.
Energy Smart can present on business opportunities for energy efficiency, financial incentives for energy efficiency and other topics for your organization. We tailor the presentation to the needs of the audience and can answer attendees’ questions.
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Schedule an Energy Smart Consultation

If you'd like to schedule an on-site energy consultation, phone consultation, utility bill analysis or have questions about any of business services, reach out to any of the Energy Smart team or contact us below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Any and all proceeds directed by Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation are restricted to the sole and intended purpose of managing and implementing Waste Wise and Energy Smart, two programs of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.