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Electing pro-business candidates

Before elected officials take the oath of office, they’re on the campaign trail, working hard for support from voters. We’re there, too, asking the questions on economic issues and state public policy to those who want to occupy the halls of the Legislature and Governor’s office. 

We endorse candidates who support pro-jobs, pro-business policies that will help employers stay and grow in Minnesota, and make our state more affordable for all of us. Each election cycle presents a new opportunity to elect policymakers who encourage business growth in the decisions they make. 

Contact RaeAnna Buchholz to contribute your personal dollars to the Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC and be certain your money will be strategically used to elect pro-business candidates in Minnesota.


Candidate survey

The Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC’s candidate survey is now online! If you are a candidate for the Minnesota Legislature in 2020 and would like to be considered for endorsement, please complete and submit the survey no later than July 16, 2020.

Click here to view and complete the 2020 Candidate Survey. If you experience any issues, please contact RaeAnna Buchholz



The Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC, a political action committee that endorses and provides financial support to candidates.


Pro Jobs Majority is an affiliated 527 independent expenditure committee that operates independently of candidates and their campaigns as required by state and federal law.