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Electing pro-business candidates

Before elected officials take the oath of office, they’re on the campaign trail, working hard for support from voters. We’re there, too, asking the questions on economic issues and state public policy to those who want to occupy the halls of the Legislature and Governor’s office. 

We endorse candidates who support pro-jobs, pro-business policies that will help employers stay and grow in Minnesota, and make our state more affordable for all of us. Each election cycle presents a new opportunity to elect policymakers who encourage business growth in the decisions they make. 

Contact RaeAnna Buchholz to contribute your personal dollars to the Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC and be certain your money will be strategically used to elect pro-business candidates in Minnesota.

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Helpful links to guide employers and employees through election season. 

Information on voting early by mail or voting early in-person from the Minnesota Secretary of State

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Important dates for the 2020 election

Information on taking time off of work to vote from the Minnesota Secretary of State

2020 Leadership Fund PAC Endorsements

See below to view the first round of the Leadership Fund PAC endorsements. Check back to this page for future endorsements as they're announced.


Minnesota House Endorsements

John Burkel, 1A - GOP
Debra Kiel, 1B - GOP
Rob Ecklund, 3A - DFL
Matthew Bliss, 5A - GOP
David Lislegard, 6B - DFL
Mary Franson, 8B - GOP
John Poston, 9A - GOP
Ronald Kresha, 9B - GOP
Josh Heintzeman, 10A - GOP
Dale Lueck, 10B - GOP
Nathan Nelson, 11B - GOP
Jeff Backer, 12A - GOP
Paul Anderson, 12B - GOP
Lisa Demuth, 13A - GOP
Sondra Erickson, 15A - GOP
Shane Mekeland, 15B - GOP
Paul Torkelson, 16B - GOP
Dave Baker, 17B - GOP
Brian Pfarr, 20A - GOP
Barb Haley, 21A - GOP
Joe Schomacker, 22A - GOP
John Petersburg, 24A - GOP
Brian Daniels, 24B - GOP
Peggy Bennett, 27A - GOP
Gene Pelowski, 28A - DFL
Gregory Davids, 28B - GOP
Paul Novotny, 30A, GOP
Kurt Daudt, 31A - GOP
Brian Johnson, 32A - GOP
Anne Neu, 32B - GOP
Jerry Hertaus, 33A - GOP
Kristin Robbins, 34A - GOP
Peggy Scott, 35B - GOP
Bob Dettmer, 39A - GOP
Jim Nash, 47A - GOP
Greg Boe, 47B - GOP
Tony Albright, 55B - GOP
Roz Peterson, 56B - GOP 
Jon Koznick, 58A - GOP

Minnesota Senate Endorsements

Paul Utke, 2 - GOP
Tom Bakk, 3 DFL
Justin Eichorn, 5 - GOP
David Tomassoni, 6 - DFL
Bill Ingebrigtsen, 8 - GOP
Paul Gazelka, 9 - GOP
Carrie Ruud, 10 - GOP
Torrey Westrom, 12 - GOP
Jeff Howe, 13 - GOP
Jerry Relph, 14 - GOP
Andrew Mathews, 15 - GOP
Gary Dahms, 16 - GOP
Rich Draheim, 20 - GOP
Michael Goggin, 21 - GOP
Bill Weber, 22 - GOP
Jeremy Miller, 28 - GOP
Bruce Anderson, 29 - GOP
Mary Kiffmeyer, 30 - GOP
Michelle Benson, 31 - GOP
Warren Limmer, 34 - GOP
Jim Abeler, 35 - GOP
Roger Chamberlain, 38 - GOP
Ann Rest, 45 - DFL


The Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC, a political action committee that endorses and provides financial support to candidates.


Pro Jobs Majority is an affiliated 527 independent expenditure committee that operates independently of candidates and their campaigns as required by state and federal law.