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Waste Wise

During the COVID-19 crisis, Waste Wise is conducting on-site consultations while adhering to social distancing guidelines and the use of PPE. We are also offering the option of conducting virtual consultations with a follow up on site visit at a future time. Energy Smart is also accepting grant information requests and applications. For more information, contact Rob Friend at or 651.292.3915.


Waste Wise saves money and the environment

It’s possible to save money and the environment at the same time. The Minnesota Chamber experts at Waste Wise have provided and secured more than a million dollars in grants for companies that reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Our team can help educate and train your company, and find ways to control waste costs and connect with grants to fund recycling program improvements.

  • Site Visit Consultation: We will come to your building and help you discover new ways to reduce solid waste, maximize recycling and reuse potential, and identify opportunities to save your company money. If you’re paying too much for waste disposal or are having trouble finding an outlet for waste material, we can help.
  • Waste Bill Analysis: By reviewing your organization’s waste and recycling bills, we can often find ways for you to make service changes that may result in cost savings and increased efficiencies.
  • Employee Training: In order to ensure that your new or enhanced program successful, our sustainability specialists can train employees on how to recycle properly.
  • Waste Sorts: A waste sort involves the physical collection, separating, and weighing of a sample of your company’s waste. The sort will identify and quantify material that can be removed from the waste stream through waste reduction, reuse or recycling.
Business Bin and Label Waste Reduction Program
A grant for Minnesota Chamber members.
To schedule a site visit, click below or call 651.292.4650.
Click below for recycling, donation and educational resources you may find helpful.
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2020 Annual Report
Click below to read the 2020 Waste Wise Annual Report.
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Schedule a Waste Wise visit

It’s as easy as inviting us into your worksite, and we take it from there. Schedule a visit, reduce your waste and potentially save money in the process. We’d love to help.

Contact Rob Friend at 651.292.3915 or

Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation Board of Directors 

Any and all proceeds directed by Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation are restricted to the sole and intended purpose of managing and implementing Waste Wise and Energy Smart, two programs of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.