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Key Issues

2024 legislative priorities: COSTS MATTER

Minnesota’s economy is the bedrock of our shared success. But Minnesota has diverged from the national trend of reducing taxes and reducing regulatory burdens. Instead, lawmakers have increased costs precipitously for employers and employees. This puts the state at a competitive disadvantage as our economic growth and investment are lagging.




Hold the line
on spending and
cost increases

Last session, a nearly $18 billion surplus disappeared, lawmakers raised taxes by $9 billion (four-year tally) and increased spending in the next biennium by an unsustainable 36%. They must hold the line on tax and fee increases on businesses and prevent new, onerous proposals that make Minnesota a national outlier.




Reform the
permitting process

Minnesota’s permitting process has led to businesses choosing to expand outside of the state. Those who invest here face greater uncertainty and lengthier timelines than in other states. Lawmakers must support sensible environmental regulations that protect the state’s cherished natural resources and produce timely and reliable outcomes for businesses that want to locate, stay and grow here.



Defend against

Employers design benefits to retain and attract employees in their specific industries. The number and scope of workplace mandates that passed last session, in addition to the lack of state guidance on compliance, are crushing small businesses in our state. Lawmakers must prevent further workplace mandates that harm the employer/employee relationship and make it more difficult and expensive to run a business in Minnesota.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: 2024 legislative priorities

pre session webinar

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View this on-demand webinar presented by the Minnesota Chamber's policy team previewing the top business issues heading into the 2024 legislative session. From taxes to workplace management, environment to health care and all business issues in between, this webinar previews what policies employers can expect to see proposed in St. Paul when session begins February 12.