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Your Opportunity To Grow

Business services: Your opportunity to grow

Every business relies on quality services to grow their bottom line. Whether it’s high-quality, low cost employee benefits or business products, the Chamber can save you time and money, and make your life easier. The Minnesota Chamber offers business services – solutions to your business challenges – at competitive costs and with very simple steps.

Interested in learning more? Read the descriptions below. Whatever your need, we have a solution for you.

Employee benefits


Offering your employees benefits makes you more competitive. The Minnesota Chamber has been a trusted partner in offering low-cost benefits with special features to businesses for nearly 50 years.

Easy-to-navigate, cost-effective insurance, including:

Dental plans with 10% automatic savings.

Vision plans driven by employees’ choice.

Group and supplemental life, and disability, giving employees peace of mind.

Pooled Employer Retirement (PEP) plans to allow better investment access for small businesses.

Coming soon! 
New insurance partners coming soon!


Human resources is a pivotal role for any organization. And many businesses are small enough where executives play the HR role. The Minnesota Chamber can help. 

We offer: 


Trust in us


Group employee insurance
Dental, vision, group and supplemental life, and disability insurance at competitive rates that help you protect your most valuable asset – your employees.
Cyber risk insurance
Protect your company from cyberattacks and help cover investigation, litigation and other expenses from a potential data breach.
Pooled Employer Retirement plans
Pooled Employer Retirement plans
These plans bring down cost by allowing multiple employers to participate and allow for better investment access for smaller businesses previously only available to large-scale employers.
Labor law posters
Provides up-to-date labor law posters, keeping you in compliance with state and federal laws, without lifting a finger.
Grow Minnesota
Grow Minnesota!
Business assistance to spur your company’s growth and overcome challenges.
MN Supplier Match database
Jumpstart your business recovery from COVID-19 by accessing Minnesota suppliers using this database.
Salary and benefit benchmarking
Salary and benefit benchmarking
Helps businesses compare data and know if they are offering competitive salary and benefits in their region and industry.
Waste wise
Waste Wise
Experts can help control waste costs. Our team secures on average $4,700 in compensation for each business.
Energy Smart
Experts help you spend less on everything from light bulbs to heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The average company saves $2,000.
Association management services
The Chamber offers organizational management, communications, advocacy and economic development services for like-minded associations.
Certificate of origin export filing
Access to digital processing to expedite your exports through international trade certification at a reduced cost.
Economic data and insights
Learn more about what's happening in Minnesota's economy.