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Grow Minnesota!

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Driving economic growth

Minnesota has a legacy of building and growing businesses here that keep the economy strong and provide a quality of life for our communities. Grow Minnesota!® is the Minnesota Chamber’s premier economic development program focused on retaining and growing Minnesota businesses. Our staff helps businesses overcome challenges, make new connections, and grow – in any part of the state. Working with Grow Minnesota! means access to economic data and insights as the state moves toward economic recovery and access to Minnesota-based suppliers on any number of products and services that could help your company grow. 

Grow Minnesota!® offers engagement points to fit your needs: 

Business assistance
Databases of available resources, including capital, supply chains, regional economic development programs and organizations.

Consultations with experts to understand your challenges, provide recommendations and connections to realize business success.

Connections with local resources in your area – organizations, industry partners, international trade partners, suppliers.
Economic insights
Economic insights
Access to economic data to better understand opportunities in Minnesota’s economy.

Participation in surveys to make your voice heard year round and especially in this time of economic recovery.

Regional and industry analysis to provide context for local economies throughout the state.

Customized research at your request
Local economic development services
Local economic development services
Grow Minnesota!® works with partners in every corner of the state to better understand the needs and opportunities of regional economies.

Collaboration with partners aims to keep and grow businesses and supply chains within Minnesota to improve employment opportunities and quality of life.

Partners are eligible for technology, resources, training, and economic analysis focused on business retention.
MN Supplier Match

MN Supplier Match

COVID-19 disrupted supply chains around the world. But there are suppliers all over the state who can provide accessibility, short lead-times, shared networks and trusted quality. The Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota!® program provides a database for Minnesota businesses seeking connections to Minnesota’s robust supply chain. Visit to make a connection today!

Grow Minnesota! Quarterly

Grow Minnesota

View our latest update on the progress the Grow Minnesota! is making. 


economic development resources

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Grow Minnesota! program strives to direct resources to businesses so they can invest, prosper, and grow in Minnesota. Whether you are starting, relocating, or expanding your company, we want to help you find the business assistance resources you need to succeed, and in turn, contribute to Minnesota’s growing statewide economy.

Resources include: small business loan programs, information on how to start a business, resources for entrepreneurs, workforce recruitment assistance and training grants, exporting services and seminars, information on environmental permitting and regulations, energy use and waste reduction programs.

Grow Minnesota! Staff

Vicki Stute
Vicki Stute
Vice President, Programs and Business Services

Sarah Erickson
Sarah Erickson
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Sean O'Neil
Sean O'Neil
Director of Economic Development and Research

Nolan Thomas
Nolan Thomas
Economic Development Coordinator


Become a Grow Minnesota! Partner

Grow Minnesota! was founded by the Minnesota Chamber in 2002 and is the premier private-sector led statewide business retention, business assistance, and business expansion program in Minnesota. The program operates year-round in partnership with more than 90 local chambers and economic development organizations statewide.