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Grow Minnesota!

One-on-one assistance to help your business during COVID-19

Whether they have remained open throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, or they are now preparing to open their doors once again, businesses throughout Minnesota are adjusting their practices and workspaces to mitigate health risks and boost consumer confidence. The Grow Minnesota! team at the Minnesota Chamber is here to help your business. Our team has consulted with hundreds of businesses about best practices for returning to work. 

First step: Read this checklist. The Grow! team developed this checklist based on feedback from hundreds of companies who have developed or executed “return to work” plans for their business. 

Then, reach out to the Grow! team for one-on-one assistance. Their knowledge and experience can work to understand your business challenges. They can find answers to your questions, connect you with other businesses and critical resources, navigate the MN Supplier Match database and help you prepare a “return to work” plan. 

It’s time to get your business back to work and get our economy moving forward. To speak with the Grow Minnesota!, email


Partnership drives economic growth

The Grow Minnesota! is Minnesota’s premier private-sector-led business retention and assistance program. The partnership of more than 90 local chambers and economic development organizations work to spur business growth throughout the state. They conduct  confidential, comprehensive one-on-one site visits with nearly a thousand businesses each year, tracking on-the-ground business conditions, collecting data on what it takes for businesses to stay and grow in Minnesota, and identifying areas where they can provide solutions to  business concerns. And they develop impactful initiatives to address our state’s most pressing business challenges, helping businesses understand how to stay and grow in their community.

Download the Grow Minnesota! one-pager HERE.

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The Minnesota Chamber and our local chamber partners conduct confidential, comprehensive, one-on-one conversations with nearly a thousand businesses each year. We track on-the-ground business conditions. We collect data on what it takes for businesses to stay and grow in Minnesota. We identify private-sector solutions and/or advocate for public policy changes to address business concerns.


MN Supplier Match is a database that highlights Minnesota’s robust supply chain and increases business-to-business activity in the state. This distinct program creates value for businesses that want the advantages of sourcing from local suppliers – customization, accessibility, rapid delivery, shared networks and trusted quality. It helps suppliers looking for new business opportunities with Minnesota-based customers. And it helps Minnesota’s economy by keeping more dollars in the state and making our suppliers and buyers more competitive.


Grow Minnesota! Annual Report

View our latest update on the progress the Grow Minnesota! is making this year.

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Grow Minnesota! Economic Outlook Results

Read what our Grow Minnesota! data shows about the future of Minnesota's economy. 

economic development resources

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Grow Minnesota! program strives to direct resources to businesses so they can invest, prosper, and grow in Minnesota. Whether you are starting, relocating, or expanding your company, we want to help you find the business assistance resources you need to succeed, and in turn, contribute to Minnesota’s growing statewide economy.

Resources include: small business loan programs, information on how to start a business, resources for entrepreneurs, workforce recruitment assistance and training grants, exporting services and seminars, information on environmental permitting and regulations, energy use and waste reduction programs.

Become a Grow Minnesota! Partner

Grow Minnesota! was founded by the Minnesota Chamber in 2002 and is the premier private-sector led statewide business retention, business assistance, and business expansion program in Minnesota. The program operates year-round in partnership with more than 90 local chambers and economic development organizations statewide.

Grow Minnesota!Staff

Vicki Stute
Vicki Stute
Vice President, Programs and Business Services

Kathi Schaff
Kathi Schaff
Director, Grow Minnesota!®

Sean O'Neil
Sean O'Neil
Business Development Coordinator