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Ensuring competitively priced reliable power and fuel for Minnesotans 

Our goal is to ensure competitively priced reliable power and fuel for Minnesotans. 

Investments and improvements have been made to electricity generation, transmission and distribution during the past 20 years. At the same time, our commercial and industrial rates have increased faster than the US average and faster than inflation with industrial rates 15th highest nationally. Employers need competitively priced and reliable power and fuel to operate and expand operations. Minnesota’s energy regulatory approval process and structure must be improved so it is more efficient and predictable.  

We made progress this legislative session by: 

  • Assuring that deployment of energy storage will be evaluated for its costs, benefits and impact on grid safety and reliability
  • Blocking significant mandates for electric utilities to meet power needs using preferred energy types without regard to cost, reliability or affordability  – resulting in higher costs that could be passed on to ratepayers
  • Preventing changes to the Conservation Improvement Program that change the fundamental premise of energy conservation to energy consumption and load growth based on a preferred energy type