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Healthy Together app

Healthy Together app free to members helps mitigate community spread impact on the workplace

The Minnesota Chamber announced access to Healthy Together, a comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety platform to quickly and easily streamline their organization’s safety during the pandemic. This app gives employers critical information to control transmission within their workplaces, while giving employees full control of their data.


Top four reasons to use Healthy Together at your business

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1. Better protect employees
Contact tracing and the Daily Passport help keep employees safer when they return to the workplace.
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2. Keep employees informed
Symptom checkups, sending safety protocols and updates on company or local safety guidelines keep employees in-the-know.
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3. For COVID-19 purposes only
Use of your data is limited to health and research efforts around COVID-19.
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4. Data security is top priority
Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Contact tracing information is deleted after 30 days. Symptom data is anonymized.

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Any business that is a member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce can register for Healthy Together at the form above. The app will then create a tailored Healthy Together “Daily Passport” tool that enables clearance procedures. Employees report how they’re feeling each day through a simple daily symptom checker that is tailored by organization. They are then either cleared for work or recommended for COVID-19 testing. Companies are able to brand the app for their organization and can send a link to employees to download the app.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and Healthy Together are helping businesses comply with state regulations and guidelines to avoid liability and keep a robust, healthy workforce, to keep the economy moving forward. 

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Have questions?

Healthy Together is a member-only benefit of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. Not a member or have questions? Contact Vicki Stute at 651.292.3908 or