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Small Business Profile: American Precision Avionics

Q&A with Lynn Andrews, General Manager

American Precision Avionics opened a plant in 2007 in Duluth to initially service Cirrus Aircraft. What other industries beyond aerospace benefit from your products and services?
We are certified to AS9100 standards, giving us the capability to serve not only the aerospace industry but industrial and agriculture as well. We’ve recently started a partnership with a Duluth-based bridge inspection crane manufacturer.

Has your presence in Duluth allowed you to expand your business to other parts of the Midwest?
We haven’t focused on expansion beyond Minnesota, but there are many opportunities to do so.

You fill a specific niche in the aeronautics industry. What sets you apart from your competitors?
We are a contract manufacturer, wire harness and cable assemblies. Our most complex application contains 2,000 electrical test points through more than a mile of wire, and is installed on a frame, tested and delivered per takt time to our valued customer. Our strengths include excellent service, a robust engineering team, strong supply chain relations, adaptability, flexibility and a true understanding of the challenges faced by OEMs to quickly prototype, bring lines to production and then cost-down and sustain value. We understand the value of partnerships in this highly competitive and dynamic industry. We have excellent employee retention and a strong lean culture.

American Precision Avionics

What are the biggest challenges to growing your business in Minnesota?
The constant quest to deliver quality product in a safe environment and for the best value, while combating tariff issues and rising material and transportation costs.

You are a new member of the Minnesota Chamber. How has membership been most valuable to your company and your employees?
There are so many benefits that have potential to make valuable connections to sustain and grow our business. I am interested in all the opportunities through the Grow Minnesota! Partnership, roundtable opportunities, Minnesota Chamber bulletins and Morning Digest, Minnesota Manufacturers’ Summit, EverythingHR and MN Supplier Match.