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Waste Wise success story: Giant Voices

Giant Voices sees huge results with Business Bin and Label Waste Reduction Grant Program

Giant Voices is a strategic marketing agency located in Duluth, MN.

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The Business Bin and Label Waste Reduction Grant Program is a grant program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce intended to motivate businesses to either start a new recycling program or enhance their existing recycling program. Recently, Giant Voices in Duluth worked with the Chamber to expand their efforts to reduce office waste by adding a larger recycling receptacle, placing signage to guide employees and visitors on recycling best practices, and incorporating the use of reusable kitchen towels, which will divert approximately 80 rolls of paper towels from the landfill annually!




Waste Wise can help you reduce waste and save money

Waste Wise experts have secured more than a million dollars in grants for Minnesota businesses that reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’re here to help you get started. A site visit is a quick and easy way to identify projects that help your organization reduce waste and save money.