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Grow Minnesota!®’s Guide to workforce resources


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Growing your business and engaging your community

Accessing a skilled workforce is essential to Minnesota’s businesses and economy. However, attracting and retaining workers can be challenging. Companies can no longer sit back and wait for top talent to come to them. They must take proactive measures to engage community partners and service providers to recruit, train and retain skilled workers.

Businesses in Minnesota can work with a diverse range of workforce service providers, schools, staffing and recruiting firms, and local chambers to drive workforce development. By forming partnerships, companies gain access to a variety of resources and expertise that are tailored to enhance their workforce.

Navigating the complex web of private, public and nonprofit workforce organizations can be daunting. To simplify this process, Grow Minnesota! developed this guide to provide resources and support, and to enhance workforce strategies and partnerships.


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overview of resources

There is no silver bullet to solving workforce challenges in Minnesota. But employers can expand their hiring reach by partnering with local organizations to tap into new talent pools, build a pipeline for their future workforce and leverage the expertise and support of outside firms. Below is an overview of key workforce resources for Minnesota employers.

Partner with workforce providers to access hidden talent pools

  • Local and state workforce and economic development agencies: Minnesota businesses can partner with local and state agencies, like CareerForce, who match unemployed and underemployed job seekers with local employers.
  • Nonprofit employment service providers: There are dozens of community-based nonprofits around the state who provide employment services to populations that may be overlooked and underutilized. Minnesota businesses can partner with these organizations to boost employment opportunities and access talent in their community.

Build a workforce pipeline with local schools

  • Community and Technical Colleges: Employers can partner with local community and technical colleges to establish a pipeline of emerging talent with career-specific skill sets.
  • Business Education Networks: This program connects area employers with K-12 and higher education leaders to link students with high-demand careers in their community and region. The program is hosted by the Minnesota Chamber Foundation and operated by participating local chambers of commerce around the state.
  • Recruiting through Minnesota’s four-year colleges: Cultivating relationships with Minnesota’s four-year colleges and universities can help businesses compete for top talent.

Leverage outside consulting, staffing and recruiting services

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting: The Minnesota Chamber Foundation offers online tools and direct consulting resources to help businesses attract and retain a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Private sector staffing and recruiting firms: Minnesota has dozens of staffing and recruiting firms who provide experience and resources in sourcing, screening and securing top-tier candidates, while offering access to a vast talent pool.
  • Other workforce consulting services: Businesses may also consider seeking expertise through specialized consultants who can help think of creative new ways to maximize hiring strategies.

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hidden talent pools

There are available resources for employers to tap into new talent pools that they have not traditionally accessed. Businesses can partner with local and state agencies and community-based workforce service providers in their region who equip workers with the necessary skills and support to develop life changing careers while adding value to the state’s economy.

Resource categories include:

  • Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) programs to match job seekers with local employers
  • Regional workforce boards
  • Nonprofit employment service providers
  • Workforce providers by region


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workforce guide partnerships

Through intentional collaboration with local schools, businesses may increase the effectiveness of their short and long-term workforce needs while strengthening the state’s K-12 and higher ed institutions.


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Businesses can leverage the expertise of specialized consultants who help think of creative new ways to maximize hiring strategies. Further, Minnesota has dozens of staffing and recruiting firms that partner with local companies to provide external capacity for finding and hiring quality employees.

supplier match

MN Supplier Match: The Minnesota Chamber offers an online, searchable database of Minnesota suppliers representing all industries and sizes of companies across the state. Businesses seeking assistance from staffing and recruiting firms or workforce strategy consultants can narrow down potential partners by the job categories they specialize in filling occupational categories, areas served and position types (full-time, part-time, temp, etc.). Access this free database at

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There are several grant and tax credit programs available to support workforce training and hiring activities. For assistance navigating these programs or identifying additional grants or tax credits, contact our Grow Minnesota!® team for a free one-on-one consultation.

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