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MN Job Match

MN Job Match

Businesses are only as strong as the talented people they employ. And hiring the right people – with the right talent – is more challenging and important than ever before. Traditional recruiting methods often require sorting through volumes of resumes, which is costly and time consuming. It often means settling for less than ideal candidates.

MN Job Match is different. This revolutionary job-to-candidate matching platform understands the dynamic field of employment today. It's a data-driven online platform that works to align needs and experience on a deeper level than traditional job descriptions and resumes.

What makes MN Job Match different than other platforms?
MN Job Match uses matching algorithms to connect employers with job-seekers based on skills, interests and job requirements. This technology sorts and stack-ranks matched candidates based on alignment with job characteristics, not keyword counts. The result is a connection between employer need and job-seeker expertise and experience.

Why should I use MN Job Match?
It's easy!

  • Once you register for an employer account, you answer a few simple questions on your available positions.
  • At the same time, candidates answer correlated questions about their unique skills and interests.
  • You receive a list of the candidates that best match your needs, then click to connect.

It's valuable for employers, who receive:

  • Integrated job promotion through social media and email.
  • Automatic postings from other local, regional and national job sites.
  • Simplified EEOC reporting with automated candidate pool demographic reports.
  • A list of top system matches and stack-ranked direct applicants.
  • Lower than the industry standard pricing, with $39 per job posting and $19 per internship.

It's valuable for job-seekers, who receive a robust bank of jobs that could match their real interests and experiences, at no cost to them!

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Laura Heuer at or post a job or resume today!

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