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Recycling Resources

Waste Wise works across a multitude of industry sectors, supporting private enterprise, nonprofits, and even public entities. Here are just few recycling, donation and educational resources you may find helpful.


Recycle Right with Minnesota Waste Wise 

Understanding Your Waste Bill

Understanding Your Waste Bill

Need help deciphering your waste bill? Waste Wise has developed a helpful guide that defines many of the common fees associated with your bill and outlines a few ways to keep costs down.


Food Recovery

Food donation can prevent food from being wasted and direct it to those who need it. If you’re a business or organization that has surplus food still fit for human consumption, visit MN Hunger Solution’s website to find a food shelf near you. 

Recycling Education Toolkit

Webinar – How to Use the Recycling Education Toolkit

Webinar – Communicating at the Curb

Webinar – Staying Social MN

The Recycling Education Toolkit features label resources that are intended for use within cities and counties that have not already developed these tools. Waste Wise encourages recycling educators within the Twin Cities metro area to utilize the free labels developed by your county.

Instructions for accessing the Recycling Education Toolkit:

  1. Click the Recycling Education Toolkit link below
  2. Login: mnrecycles
  3. Password: MNrecycles!1



Spent Grain Directory

Spent grain leftover from the brewing process can still have value for farmers as compost or animal feed. The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild has developed a directory that connects breweries with farmers for spent grain disposal. If you’re a brewery with spent grain or a farm interested in using spent grain (and can pick it up), visit the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild website for more information.


Need more help?

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