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Exports are vital to Minnesota’s economy

In 2021, Minnesota’s total exports reached a record value of $23.5 billion, recovering strongly after a steep decline in 2020. International markets play a key role in helping Minnesota expand its diverse industry base, from agriculture and natural resources to equipment and machinery to semiconductors and medical goods. 



Yet, the global pandemic and supply chain woes of the past two years have presented Minnesota businesses with unique challenges to getting goods to international markets. 

The Minnesota Chamber is shaping the state’s economic agenda to help businesses grow their exports through advocacy, one-on-one assistance and digital offerings, such as the essCert Certificate of Origin platform to reduce friction in the exporting process.





The Minnesota Chamber recognizes that time is money. There’s no faster way to file a Certificate of Origin than digitally. Modern technology eliminates the need for your staff members to travel to the Chamber’s office and wait for certificate approvals through a manual process. Rather, an electronic solution replacement is used by digitizing the authorization process via a secure, web-based platform, providing you greater flexibility and saving your business time and money. 


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The process is completed in six easy steps: 

  1. Exporter drafts CO application
  2. Minnesota Chamber receives application
  3. Chamber reviews application and stamps/signs CO within hours
  4. eCO issued
  5. eCO digitally returned to applicant who prints or digitally forwards
  6. Digitally received by Importer/Customs who print or verify online

The Minnesota Chamber is your partner in competing in a global market. Find out more and get started today. eCO’s are available 24/7/365.