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The Chamber's top legislative priorities of 2022

Economic recovery

Accelerating Economic Growth

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help the 6,300 businesses and half a million employees that we represent, so they can expand the economy and opportunities throughout the state. Minnesota’s employers, employees and communities are counting on lawmakers to accelerate economic growth in 2022.

Record surplus and double-digit spending increases

Minnesota is flush with cash, including: 

  • $7.7 billion budget surplus
  • $1.15 billion in unspent federal funds
  • $2.66 billion in budget reserves

An enormous budget surplus and overflowing government coffers is not the time to ask the public for more money. With historic and recurring budget surpluses and the state budget set at 12% growth, it’s time for policymakers to take a serious look at Minnesota’s tax and spending patterns.



Accelerate economic growth

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Prevent double-digit payroll tax increases harming employers and employees.

  • Use existing funds to replenish the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund



Lower tax burdens to make Minnesota more competitive.

  • Lower uncompetitive tax rates to encourage economic growth
  • Adopt tax incentives to encourage innovation, investment and productivity
  • Adopt remaining federal conformity for hard-hit industries




Enact workforce strategies to ensure a talented pipeline for the future, including:

  • Workforce payroll tax refunded for customized training
  • Licensing and credentialing changes
  • “Productivity incentive”
  • Support for the Page Constitutional Amendment



Do no harm


Enact no new mandates or regulatory burdens on employers

  • Allow businesses to recover from COVID-19 without imposing further rules, regulations and restrictions
  • Give employers autonomy to make appropriate, responsive decisions for their workplace and changing economic conditions
  • Require timeliness, accountability and predictability in the environmental review and permitting process
  • Prevent increases on health care and energy costs

Make your voice heard

Raising hand

Make sure you're signed up for action alerts or join a policy committee. It's important for legislators to know how their actions impact employers, employees and Minnesota's economic recovery. 

The Chamber now offers legislative transcripts

Do you work at the Capitol? Covering multiple committee hearings and overlapping floor debate can be difficult. The Chamber can provide written transcripts of bills debated this session! Each clip costs just $10 and this service is only available to Chamber members.