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Legislative leaders preview the 2024 session; answer lightning round questions

Each year, the Minnesota Chamber's Session Priorities event unofficially kicks off the legislative session. While it's a key way for the Chamber to share the business community's priorities, it's also a chance for legislative leaders to share priorities of their own. KSTP's Tom Hauser hosted a series of lightning round questions for the four legislative leaders: Speaker Melissa Hortman, House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth, Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy and Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson. Here are their answers:

Tom Hauser: What're the odds of sports betting passing this year?
Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson: 50-50.
Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy: 51-49.
House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth: 52-48.
House Speaker Melissa Hortman: I'll go big, 60-40. 60% likely it will pass.

Hauser: Speaking of sports, sometimes the opposing player that is frustrating to play against is also the one who'd make a good teammate. Who from your opposing caucus is the most frustrating to debate but would be welcomed as a member of your caucus?
Murphy: I can't say Senator Johnson so I'll say Sen. Jordan Rasmusson.
Demuth: Rep. Gene Pelowski.
Hortman: Rep. Pat Garofalo.
Johnson: Sen. Ron Latz.

Hauser: Minnesota's current permitting process: onerous or appropriate?
Johnson: Onerous.
Murphy: Appropriate.
Demuth: Onerous.
Hortman: A little from column A, a little from column B.

Hauser: Beer in convenience and grocery stores?
Johnson: No.
Murphy: No.
Demuth: No.
Hortman: No.

Hauser: Reforming the Met Council, yes or no?
Hortman: No.
Demuth: Yes.
Murphy: Yes.
Johnson: Yes.

Hauser: Total number of legislative retirements this year?
Murphy: 19
Demuth: 21.
Hortman: 21.
Johnson: 21.

Hauser: Constitutional amendment for a year-round Legislature?
Johnson: Absolutely not.
Murphy: No.
Demuth: No, that would be terrible.
Hortman: No.

Hauser: In 1-3 words, how are businesses in your district describing the 2023 session?
Johnson: Confusing.
Murphy: Thank you.
Demuth: Unaffordable.
Hortman: Better for workers.

Hauser: When you look back on the 2024 session, how do you want it to be described?
Hortman: Short.
Demuth: Not damaging.
Murphy: Productive.
Johnson: Repairing. Repairing the damage from last year.

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