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Energy Efficiency Resources

Why should your business be energy efficient?

Reducing energy waste can reduce your bottom line, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and help your business and community thrive. Below are some resources to help reach your energy efficiency goals.

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Business rebates from utilities

What rebates are available for energy-efficient equipment from your utility.

Xcel Rebates


CenterPoint Rebates


Energy Smart has a grant for businesses making energy efficiency upgrades. Apply online.


Who is my gas provider?
Search your city to learn your gas provider.
Who is my electric provider?
Search your address to learn your electric provider.
Low and No-Cost Energy Savings for Businesses
Try these changes, both behavioral and mechanical, to lower your energy bill.
Take control of your energy usage by understanding how and where it is used every month. Sign up for free to track energy usage in your business.
Solar Potential
Does installing solar panels at your business make sense?

Learn more about solar in Minnesota and what the process
A Complete Checklist for Building Managers
A complete DIY energy assessment checklist from Energy Star.
Remember, Energy Smart assessments are available and click below to schedule and we would be happy to come help!

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Posters and Flyers

Employee buy-in is crucial to the success of your energy efficiency efforts. Help teach why energy efficiency matters, record the business's progress, and give reminders with these printable flyers.

Multiple language options are available.

The business guide for energy efficiency

business guide

Keep the future bright

turn the lights off

Have questions?

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