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2021-22 Legislative scorecard

The Minnesota Chamber’s voting record includes votes from both the 2021 and 2022 sessions. These combined voting records allow readers to see the entire scope of the biennium and the key votes for the business community in an election year.

2021-22 interactive legislative scorecard

In addition to the printed copy of the 2021-22 Legislative Voting Record, we've created an interactive scorecard to easily view legislators' votes from the past two sessions. 

The program used to create this scorecard does not allow for votes to be added after a legislator has left office, even if the legislator voted on a particular bill or amendment. As such, some votes for Rep. Tony Albright and all votes for Sen. David Tomassoni do not appear. Rep. Albright scored a perfect score of 100 while Sen. Tomassoni scored a 92, only voting against the Chamber's position on SF 2302: Nurse licensure compact. To view the complete votes for each legislator, download the 2021-2022 voting record HERE.