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2021 Leaders Lab profiles

Leaders Lab is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage Minnesota’s developing business leaders (approximately late 20s to 30s). It will enhance your personal and professional growth, connect you with business leaders statewide, and provide understanding into what drives Minnesota’s economy and how policy affects the success of business in our state. The program consists of four sessions two-day sessions. To learn more about Leaders Lab, click here

Check back to this page as more of our wonderful 2021 Leaders Lab participants are profiled!


Ashley houle leaders lab

Profiled on July 21

Tell us a piece of good news that happened this past year in your life. 
During the past year I have been able to find time to slow down. I have spent more time focusing on myself and doing things that truly make me happy. It’s been a hard year but it has made me more resilient and mentally stronger.

What’s your favorite thing that’s made in Minnesota?
Faribault Blankets! They are great quality and keep you warm during these Minnesota winters. I also think it’s really cool that they are one of the last mills that us the vertical weaving technique. 

Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Go Eagles!

What’s the number one thing you are looking forward to?
I am looking forward to spending time outside, going up to the cabin and being on the lake this summer. There is nothing better than a Minnesota summer!

Tell us something super interesting about yourself. 
I am an only child.