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3 ways you can celebrate Earth Day

3 small things you can do to help you and your business celebrate Earth Day!

Businesses across Minnesota are innovators, constantly improving their sustainability efforts and evolving to be as environmentally and socially conscious as possible. No matter where your business is on your sustainability, Earth Day is a perfect time to make a positive difference. You want to celebrate Earth Day but don't know how to make the biggest impact for your business and employees? Our sustainability experts at Waste Wise and Energy Smart have three ways you and your business can promote Earth Day. 

1. Participate in the Plate to Garden Event today!

To celebrate Earth Day, the Minnesota Chamber's Waste Wise program, in partnership with the Minnesota Composting Council, invites you to stop by our first Plate to Garden event on today, April 22! 

Plate to Garden events demonstrate how we can "Complete the Loop" by turning food scraps into compost and applying the nutrient-rich compost back to the soil to grow more food, all while raising funds for local charities and community organizations.

Swing by Mississippi Market at 622 Selby Avenue in St. Paul from 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. to pick up your compost. Bags are free, but we encourage anyone who's able to consider a monetary donation. Proceeds will go to the Sanneh Foundation.

Bring your own bucket/bag if you like, and help us further reduce waste!


Plate to garden


 Can't make it on Earth Day? 

Another Plate to Garden event will take place on May 8 at Urban Growler Brewing Co. in St. Paul starting at noon. The Minnesota Composting Council will be giving away compost and raffling off prizes including compost bins, countertop compost pails, compostable bags and International Compost Awareness Week posters!

2. Watch a recent Waste Wise Wednesday (or be on the lookout for the next one!)

Waste Wise sustainability specialists offer up their expertise regarding recycling and composting best practices. These interactive sessions highlight the importance of sustainable waste management practices, detail the process that your waste takes to its 'end of life' destination, and provide tips to help you recycle correctly and frequently. Click below to view a recent presentation and be on the look for more Waste Wise Wednesday opportunities!


Waste wise video


3. Reach out to our Waste Wise and Energy Smart teams to help you reduce waste, conserve energy and save money at your business!

The Minnesota Chamber’s Waste Wise and Energy Smart programs help grow a more sustainable business community. On average, Waste Wise secures $4,700 in funding secured for each business taking advantage of the Waste Wise program while Energy Smart helps businesses unlock an average of $2,000 in energy savings. That's real money all while promoting sustainability at your business. 

The Minnesota Chamber experts at Waste Wise have provided and secured more than a million dollars in grants for companies that reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Our team can help educate and train your company, and find ways to control waste costs and connect with grants to fund recycling program improvements.

Energy is a major operating expense for businesses of all types and sizes. Energy Smart is here to guide you through the steps to find energy and cost-saving opportunities.

All it takes is a free consultation with Waste Wise or Energy Smart (or both!) to help your business promote sustainability in the long term.



Rob Friend
Executive Director
Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation