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Blueprint for Economic Recovery

Navigating the Blueprint for Economic Recovery


Download the Blueprint for Economic Recovery
Download the Blueprint for Economic Recovery
Economic impact of COVID-19
Economic impact of COVID-19
recovery underway
Recovery underway
Minnesota’s economic imperative
Minnesota’s economic imperative
Blueprint for policymakers
Innovation and workforce: Key strengths

Download the Blueprint for Economic Recovery

Blueprint for economic recovery


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Why is economic recovery important?

Doug Loon

News of an available vaccine propelled the state – and nation – into a different phase of the pandemic. Despite ongoing shut downs, the business community is poised and ready to kick start economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. This report provides data to illustrate those initial severe and unprecedented impacts of the pandemic and government interventions as well as the ongoing uncertainty and challenges. An economic imperative stands before us: We must restore livelihoods now and position the state for long-term growth. It’s possible, and it’s a collective effort. Public health and economic recovery must go hand in hand. Whether you are reading this report as a private-sector employer or an elected official, you have a responsibility to move the needle forward into a period of improvement and long-term success.

Looking ahead

Understanding where our economy currently stands is key to understanding where it can go in a post-pandemic future. At the Minnesota Chamber, we look forward to working together to emerge from this period more resilient, innovative and inclusive than ever before.  Stay tuned for more economic data in the spring. The Minnesota: 2030 will be a forward-looking report focused on long-term recovery and the future of our economy and shared prosperity.