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Brewing up energy savings

Energy is increasingly a major operating expense at all types and sizes of businesses. Almost any worksite has plenty of easy changes to conserve energy and save money, such as regulating heating and cooling, tuning up existing systems, or reducing heat loss. Recently, the Minnesota Chamber's Energy Smart team worked with Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake to receive grants and rebates to create thousands of dollars in annual energy savings. 

Lupulin Brewing is a family-owned and family-run craft brewery that opened in 2015 producing just 330 barrels of beer that year. The brewery's philosophy is "one of community involvement, access to the public, and a little splash of idiocracy along the way." The community focus helped Lupulin quickly become one of the fastest-growing breweries in the country and a facility expansion was needed.  

Energy Smart first came into contact with Lupulin when the brewery was in the beginning stages of expanding into their 22,500 square foot facility and increasing their brewing capacity from 3,500 to 30,000 barrels per year. 


“Naturally, Lupulin’s expansion created increased energy costs and use for the business,” said Patrick Deal, Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist. “We saw an opportunity to reduce energy use, save money and to connect Lupulin with grants and rebates to make the improvements more cost effective.”

After hosting Energy Smart for an on-site consultation and receiving recommendations for possible energy efficiency measures, the brewery’s Co-Founder and President Jeff Zierdt enrolled in CenterPoint Energy’s Natural Gas Energy Analysis program and filed for both Xcel Energy and CenterPoint rebates. “Energy Smart was very helpful in securing rebates and providing updated details on available grants,” says Zierdt. 

What was the impact of the consultation? 

Lupulin energy savings

With additional efficiency projects on the horizon, the brewery’s expansion ensures both long-term success and a steady supply of beer. 

Cheers, Lupulin!

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