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Chamber business services help businesses save time and money

From insurance to sustainability consulting, options can help businesses already struggling to recover from COVID-19 pandemic


The Minnesota Chamber announced today a suite of business products and services available to Chamber members. As business and the economy begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, high-quality, affordable business products and services can help them save time and money, and accelerate growth.

"Every business relies on quality services to grow their bottom line. Whether it’s high-quality, low cost employee benefits or business products, the Chamber can save you time and money, and make your life easier,” said Vicki Stute, Vice President, Programs and Business Services. “The Minnesota Chamber offers business services – solutions to your business challenges – at competitive costs and with very simple steps.”




Products and services include: 

  • Employee benefits that make businesses more competitive, including easy-to-navigate, cost-effective dental, vision, group and supplemental life, and disability insurance. 
  • Business products that save time and money, including a COVID-19 screening and mitigation tool, a 24/7 HR support database, cyber risk insurance, labor law posters, Certificate of Origin digital filing and access to economic data and trends. 
  • Business products and consulting, including one-on-one business assistance, sustainability consulting to reduce energy and waste usage and cost, professional association management, human resources expertise and economic insights from real businesses and economists. 

Two new products were introduced this week: A Pooled Employer Retirement Plan (PEP) and benchmarking of salary and benefit data. Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) are retirement plans that bring down cost by allowing multiple employers to participate. These plans help streamline administration and allow for better investment access for smaller businesses that was previously only achievable for large-scale employers. Benchmarking helps businesses compare data and know if they are offering competitive salary and benefits in their region and industry.

Pooled Employer Retirement Plan (PEP)

Pooled Employer Retirement Plan (PEP)


Salary and benefit benchmarking

“Offering the right benefits can be the difference between finding the best employee and having positions go unfilled,” continued Stute. “We now offer plans that give small businesses a competitive advantage, in a time of workforce uncertainty.”

Many Minnesota Chamber business services are available to all businesses, but Minnesota Chamber members receive exclusive access to the entire suite of products and services, discounts and special offers. For more information or to order Minnesota Chamber business services, visit 

The Minnesota Chamber is a statewide organization representing more than 6,300 businesses of all types and sizes – and more than half a million employees – throughout Minnesota. The Chamber works tirelessly for its members; providing one-on-one business services, opportunities to grow their networks and knowledge base, and cultivating an economic environment where businesses stay and grow in our state. A business climate that allows for innovation and forward-thinking leadership will help grow the strength of Minnesota’s economy for generations to come.