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Elections are critical to the future of our economy 

We are now less than a month from Election Day. While what’s at stake at the top of the ticket is clear and engagement at the presidential level is high, that’s not always the case for Minnesota’s legislative and local races. Yet, these races have significant implications for the future of our state. 

Before elected officials take the oath of office, they’re on the campaign trail, working hard for support from voters. Chambers are there too, asking questions on economic issues and public policy to those who want to occupy the halls of the Legislature and Governor’s office. 

Our partners in local communities throughout the state are finding ways to make sure that local businesses know where candidates in their areas stand on the issues. 


The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau hosted a forum in September featuring candidates for City Council, and the Minnesota House and Senate. Chamber members and others in the community had the opportunity to hear where candidates stand on the issues and ask questions. 

According to Kristy Barse, President of the Chamber, “Hosting candidate forums allows us to ask questions that are top of mind in the business community. This helps our local businesses make informed decisions when voting, providing them the opportunity to support candidates who will focus on pro-business policies.”

Hastings Area Chamber is also working with their local chamber partners in the Second District to co-host a congressional forum yet this month as well. 

The Marshall Area Chamber also hosted a number of candidate forums. Chamber President Brad Gruhot talked about the importance of the issues at stake this election year. “Being a border community in Southwest Minnesota, we feel the strain and hear from businesses about high taxes and being over regulated as much as anywhere in the state. Throw in the continued COVID mandates and that only makes it worse. Businesses are constantly being recruited by our neighboring states.”

“Electing pro-business candidates is now more important than ever and it can reverse the thought process to businesses wanting to be in Minnesota long term,” Gruhot said. 

At the Minnesota Chamber, we endorse candidates who support pro-jobs, pro-business policies that help employers stay and grow in Minnesota, and make our state more affordable for all of us. Each election cycle presents a new opportunity to elect policymakers who can encourage business growth though the decisions they make. These folks reside on both sides of the aisle. They made their case on their support for policies that will help our economy grow, and many have proven their support for these policies, as shown in our Voting Record.

If you’re looking for information on how to cast your vote or how to give employees the opportunity to participate in our civic process, the Minnesota Chamber has created a toolkit to answer these questions.

We want everyone to vote this year. Whether you’re voting early, by absentee ballot or safely in person, your vote makes a difference. Some local races are decided by only a handful of votes which means each of us has a role in deciding the future of our shared prosperity. 


Doug Loon
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

This column is written each month by Minnesota Chamber President Doug Loon, for the purpose of reprint by local chambers of commerce.