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Let's help Minnesotans return to work

Just over a month ago, the Chamber sent its first email to members, inviting them to a webinar called, “Is your business COVID-19 ready?” What a month it’s been, especially for many companies seeking to understand Governor Walz’s “stay at home” order and its implications on operations and supply chains. 

Throughout this process, we’ve advocated on behalf of our members and kept them informed. Our goal has been to strike a balance between safeguarding health and protecting Minnesota’s economy.
To further that goal for balance, we should immediately move toward the opportunity for more Minnesotans to return to work, protect workers and continue to fight against the spread of COVID-19. 
Business operations can and should return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing worker or customer safety. Many Minnesota businesses have developed detailed strategies to protect their workforce from the Coronavirus while ensuring continuity of operations. By learning from these strategies, designing plans for their unique business, and implementing business-wide procedures, more businesses should open for business.

We look to Governor Walz for a path toward returning to work. We encourage the governor and his team to review and recognize the many best practices that businesses across the state have deployed to keep employees safe, and apply that knowledge to allow additional businesses to re-open. 
We want to hear the meaningful steps you are taking to protect your workforce and workplace. We know you are taking the appropriate steps, and others can learn from your experience as we all move toward returning to work.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions in our COVID-19 Business Toolkit Survey. Your individual answers will remain confidential, and will be used to help develop best practices for the statewide business community. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback and guidance in this important matter. Please visit our COVID-19 Business Toolkit for the latest information.

Doug Loon
Doug Loon
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce