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Standing for opportunity over division

Tradition of a peaceful transition of power must continue

Our state and nation watched historic and tragic events unfold in Washington, D.C. last week. We discussed these events with Governor Tim Walz at our Session Priorities event, and I wanted to share the Chamber’s position on a continued pathway to a new administration. 

It’s hard to watch a sacred symbol of our democracy like the U.S. Capitol violently attacked. As someone who has spent much of my professional life in Washington, D.C., I have the utmost respect for those sworn to work within its walls, as well as those who protect it.

Our nation is currently divided in many ways. Over the course of 2020, we’ve seen that in Minnesota, too. The Chamber is focused on opportunity over division. Now is not a time to pick sides. Now is a time to find opportunity – for individuals, for our economy and for our shared future. 


Peaceful transition quote


A peaceful transition of power is essential to our democracy. We all hope for peace for our nation – and our state – as that transition continues. We call on our elected officials and other leaders in Minnesota and throughout the nation to promote calm and acceptance through this time. 

Minnesota has had a long tradition of finding ways to work together to promote a stronger and more innovative state.  We will continue in this tradition through our network of businesses and local community partners to advance a new era of pragmatism and cooperation as our nation and state heals and our economy recovers.

Doug Loon
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Interview with Governor Walz

To see the entire interview with Governor Walz, including other topics like continued restrictions on business operations, aid for businesses and steps toward economic recovery in the 2021 legislative session, click on the link below.