Building on our strengths, successes

Building on our strengths, successes

This past year was among the most successful in recent history for the statewide business community. A unified and energized membership is at the foundation of the Minnesota Chamber’s accomplishments. We look forward to your continued support as we advance your interests in 2017-18.

The 2017 Legislature convened with pro-business majorities in the House and Senate following successful 2016 elections. By any measure, the 2017 Legislature was an outstanding year for Minnesota Chamber members. All of our top priorities were signed into law except for one – the Uniform State Labor Standards Act – and that passed both the House and Senate, only to be vetoed by Governor Dayton. Our legislative victories will better position your company to compete with your peers across the nation and world.

We have the opportunity to build on those accomplishments with an equally vigorous agenda for 2017-18. Three major initiatives will frame our work.

  • Expand on the number of business friendly elected officials at the state level. We will continue our efforts to identify, recruit and elect pro-business policymakers. Elections have consequences as recent cycles have underscored. All 134 House members, as well as the governor, are up for election next year. Our 2018 Leadership Project is focusing specifically on the governor’s race. It’s imperative that we have policymakers who understand what it takes to help businesses compete in today’s global marketplace. That is most important for who we elect as the state’s CEO – the governorship.
  • Further establish the Minnesota Chamber as the advocacy leader for the statewide business community. We are developing a work plan to rebuild the Minnesota Chamber’s Foundation to support our advocacy goals, our direct service programs and to present a blueprint for the long-term development of the state’s economy.
  • Provide performance measurements for the state's business economy. Our annual Minnesota Business Benchmarks provide an excellent and objective tool to analyze the state’s business climate and, over time, to measure our performance to see if Minnesota is ready for the future. Couple this annual report with a long-term analysis through the Chamber's Foundation of state and regional economies to identify specific economic drivers is needed here, and the Minnesota Chamber is in perfect position to guide that conversation.

The Minnesota Chamber is focused on Minnesota’s future by providing all companies the tools to realize their plans. We advance public policy at the Capitol that will help companies to adapt and grow in a changing economy. We also excel in advocating for business on a one-on-one basis through a variety of direct services.

As always, thanks for your support. We continue to work hard to make Minnesota the best state to build a business and to earn your investment in the Minnesota Chamber.

Todd Paulson
2017-2018 Chair of the Board
RTP Company

Doug Loon
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce