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2020 Leaders Lab participant profiles

Leaders Lab is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage Minnesota’s developing business leaders (approximately late 20s to 30s). It will enhance your personal and professional growth, connect you with business leaders statewide, and provide understanding into what drives Minnesota’s economy and how policy affects the success of business in our state. The program consists of four sessions two-day sessions. To learn more about Leaders Lab, click here

Check back to this page as more of our wonderful 2020 Leaders Lab participants are profiled!


Profiled on July 29

What is the best part about your current job? 
Partnering with businesses to create and maintain an effective insurance program. Each Business is unique and have different needs. I love diving deep into understanding each client and their operations to better understand the types of coverages and services that are needed so the client can focus on other business responsibilities while having peace of mind knowing they are fully protected and taken care of. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Minnesota? 
Ice Fishing

What’s the first thing you want to do once things are “back to normal?” 

Who or what are you inspired by?
Helping people. I am all for doing what I can to help make something easier or a better experience for others. 

What’s something super interesting about yourself?
I was 6’0 by the time I hit 7th grade. I have not grown an inch since then! I actually think I may have shrunk a little!