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Workforce Solutions: How second-chance hiring can help your business

Tangible resources for your business

Hiring the best person for an open position shouldn’t preclude those with criminal backgrounds. In fact, making second-chance hiring part of your corporate culture can increase employee retention rate, with 82 percent of hiring managers saying the quality of these employees matches or exceeds the quality of other employees.

The Minnesota Chamber recently hosted a virtual event as part of the Workforce Solutions Series to help businesses learn approaches to hiring within this group, as well as how to help them thrive as employees for your business. See below to view the free, on-demand webinar, as well as access relevant resources to help your business learn more about second-chance hiring. 

Click to view this on-demand webinar




Nan Gibson, Executive Director for Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter
Joshua Hedquist, Owner, Joey Meatballs, Chairman of the Board, The Redemption Project
Tim Owens, Co-Founder, The Redemption Project



Second-chance hiring resources


Second Chance Business Coalition:
Promotes the benefits of second chance employment and provides employers with resources to hire and provide career advancement to people with criminal records.

Onramps guide for employers:
Starting points and pathways to build second chance employment into your talent strategy.

Community partner map:

  • Can filter based upon:
  • Employer partnerships
  • Industry-specific training
  • Job retention supports
  • Re-entry programming
  • Work readiness training


The Redemption Project:
Website provides a copy of the Minnesota Second Chance Hiring Guide and information to explore becoming a mentor/employment partner. Calls may be directed to Tim Owens, co-founder and President at 952-221-6052.