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  • What can ChamberHealth do for your business?

    Apr 2, 2024
    ChamberHealth is a collection of health insurance products from trusted partners like Medica and UnitedHealthcare designed to give small and mid-sized employers access to high-quality, affordable health insurance for their employees
  • Bushel Boy finds GROWING success with Energy Smart

    Mar 15, 2024
    Located in Owatonna, Bushel Boy Farms is growing tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers year-round. Yes, right here in Minnesota! With 32 acres of indoor greenhouses, there is a blend of natural and mechanical lighting used to nurture plant health and fruit flavor. Bushel Boy Farms opted to upgrade from the high intensity discharge lighting family of high-pressure sodium lamps at 840 watts per bulb to more efficient LED lamps.   
  • The state of Minnesota’s workforce in five charts

    Mar 7, 2024
    Despite the many changes that Minnesota’s economy experienced over the past two years, its labor market has remained remarkably stable. Minnesota ended December 2023 with a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 2.9%. The December before that in 2022, the state’s unemployment rate was also 2.9%. And the December before that in 2021, it was nearly identical at 3.0%. At the core of this stable job market lies two factors: one positive and one negative. 

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